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Constant Play Time

Mind Stimulating Games

Gourmet Treats


Multi-Media Room

1.3 Acres of Play Area
with Double Fencing

 NO Cages or Crates

No contracts or commitments!

Rate Sheet 

1 day per week - $26.00 each

2 days per week - $52.00 each

3 days per week - $60.00 each

4 days per week - $80.00 each

 5 days per week - $90.00 each

 6 days per week - $108.00 each

 7 days per week - $126.00 each

 A week consist of Monday - Sunday for the discount

 We also offer half a day of daycare for anything less than five hours for $18.00 a day

Hours are by reservation only between 7am - 9pm

Flea & Tick prevention is a requirement.

 You MUST have proof of this treatment.

You can purchase a 30 day treatment for $15.00 or a
Flea and Tick Collar for $8.00
Precious Pets is an open and free environment.  We encourage the dogs to play and socialize together. During these activities it is possible that the dogs may sustain minor nicks, cuts, scrapes or abrasions. Also your dog’s stay it may come in contact with animal feces in the suite or the playground. If in “direct” contact with animal feces, it’s possible that some dogs may have a reaction to the parasite.   Even though every effort is made to insure that your dog eats the provided food or treats, it is possible to eat its’ roommates food.  Many dogs share the same water bowls.  The bowls are cleaned multiple times a day but there is still a chance that bacteria can be transferred through the water. Precious Pets is not responsible for kennel cough, diarrhea, fleas or ticks.  Nor are we responsible for any medical expenses.


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Precious Pets Luxury Dog Resort
2845 Belcher Road, Dunedin, FL 34698  Phone: (727) 796-0788